What is an Astrocartography Map?

Technical Definition:

An Astrocartography Map shows the angular positions of each planetary factor at the time of your birth.

It shows where each planet was rising and setting and at the upper and lower meridian.

Each planets position creates 'areas of influence' around the globe.  

 Technical Explanation:

The birth chart is a two-dimensional projection of the planets moving through three-dimensional space.  It is impossible to produce an accurate 2-D projection for anything that is 3-D.  For example, all 2-D maps of the earth show the north and south parts of the globe in an extremely distorted manner.  With a normal 2-D map Greenland can look half as big as Africa when it is actually 10 times smaller.  Comparing a 2-D map to the globe reveals many surprising and serious discrepancies very clearly.h                  

The maps and chart combined is analogous to looking at a globe rather than a simple 2-D map. 

This means:  Three Dimensional Chart Interpretations.

Real World Application:

This reveals, with great clarity areas, the cities, states, and counties around the world where each planetary energy is strong.  Some good, some bad; much depends upon what is expected by being in a specific area and what is expected by going to another area.  In one area greater career success can be found, in another, the opposite. Same with relationships, family, job, career, spirituality and more; all areas of life are in play. Each planet area has the same meaning as it does in the natal horoscope. Each planet area has the same meaning as it does in the natal chart.  For example: Venus deals with relationship needs and realities so going to that area will 'bring out' those qualities as primary in life.  It is generally a very good place to be.  But not for everyone.  The birth chart determines the potential of the area only. This means that moving will not solve any problems.  However, being in a place with better resources and a will provide a new outlook on life will help, in the extreme.  It is possible to go to a 'good' area and experience great difficulty.  It is Ones beliefs determine what can even be seen. Unrealistic expectations cannot bring anything 'good' anywhere on earth.

It is possible to benefit from a 'good' area without going there.

    These maps are very birth time sensitive. They move very quickly across the globe - up to twenty miles a minute.  While that sounds too fleeting, it is very useful in determining an uncertain birth time. 

    If your birth time is in question at all, we can narrow it down to exactitude.

ABOVE:  This is my 'Mundane Map'.  'Mundane', in this sense, means 'bound to Earth'.  The lines and areas that are shown on this Map reveal the astronomical placements of each of the cosmic bodies, as they were rising, setting, noon, and midnight positions, at the time of my birth.  These planets are 'angular', meaning that they occupy a significant placement in the birth chart.  The darker color in each area shows where the area of influence is at its strongest.     

For Example:  Anywhere in the green area on the east coast, you would see Venus rising in the eastern sky.   Venus is about relationships, being at the Venus line, or anywhere in the Venus area, will make relationship issues a more prominent part of life.  

At the gray area that appears in the Great Plains states, at the easternmost, darkest grey area, Pluto would be at its uppermost position. Since Pluto rules psychological self-awareness, including death and rebirth issues, these things were a more prominent part of my life while I lived in Wichita.    It was not easy in the extreme.

If you were standing in the light-green area on the extreme west coast, Mercury would be overhead or at its uppermost position in the sky.   At the small green areas in the Pacific Northwest,  Mercury would be overhead symbolizing 'Quality of Mind' and 'Communication'.  This Mercury area reveals a good place to go to school or learn new skills.  

The lines on this map, the Mundane map, are of primary importance, having a value of 75 to 80% in the interpretation important places of interest.

    ABOVE:  This is my "Local Space Map".  These lines radiate out from Wichita, KS, my place of birth and create areas of planetary energy that curve all the way around the world.  It shows the positions of the planetary lines and the areas associated with them, measured along the 'horizon', as they appeared at the place of birth.  In this map, if I were to walk straight south, I would be walking along the gray line (the western most part of the southern grey area).  This is my Pluto line, since these Astrocartography lines have the same value as in natal astrology, the same applies to the "Local Space Map" as it does in the above "Mundane Map".  And living in the grey area would have the same effect.

    If I were to walk, from my place of birth, along the darkest part of the yellow area, I would be walking towards the Sun's position in the sky.  In those places and would find strength, power, and self-confidence along my journey.  Living in the yellow area, the Sun area, the same applies.  

    If I were to follow the darkest part of the dark blue area, into the Pacific Northwest, the Neptune line, or proceed in the other direction through the panhandle and peninsula of Florida, I would find that spirituality, intuition, and imagination more prominent in my life.



        John Lennon's Venus Line, and its accompanying area, appears at Tokyo where Yoko Ono was born. 
        Yoko Ono's Venus line appears at Liverpool where he was born.
        Ellen DeGeneres' Venus Line is found at Horsham Australia where Portia DeRossie was born.
        Bill Clinton's Venus Line appears at Chicago where Hillary Rodham was born.
        Arnold Schwarzenegger has Venus and Jupiter in perfect alignment with Sacramento.

        In our country the Mars line, and its accompanying area shows clearly where the potential for war and aggression can occur. Harry Truman, Korea.  Ronald Reagan, Moscow. Barack Obama, Syria. George Bush, Baghdad.  Donald Trump, Korea and Washington DC.  Bill Clinton, the Balkan states.

        Pluto in your natal chart, is where deep psychological transformation revelations occur through death and intimacy experiences.  In John F Kennedy's map Pluto appears exactly at Dallas Texas.  The Pluto line appears exactly between Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The Titanic sunk exactly at its Pluto/Mars line.
        Being at a Pluto area is one of the most difficult.  I lived at that line, exactly, for 50 years. Beginning at age 4 with the death of my brother, mortality issues were abundant including my own multiple near-death experiences.  I moved to my Venus/Jupiter area at that age, which is one of the best on the planet, to be with the grand kids.  The dramatic and profound differences, in the positive, were extreme.  If they had not happened to me I would not believe the positive events and circumstances that occurred in NC.

        The examples are endless...