Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde happens three, sometimes four, times a year and lasts for three weeks, sometimes a bit more, each time.  This means it is Retrograde 20 - 30 percent of the time.  That is quite often; it is not rare.  Because each planet moves at differing speeds as they orbit the sun, they appear to slow down, stop, move backward for a time, stop again, and then move forward normally.   A car moving at 30 miles per hour will appear to moving backwards to anyone moving past it at anything over 30 mph.  Its all about relative motion; all of astrology is based on how the planets appear from the perspective of the viewer.   

As with all of astrology, there are some things to do and not do; benefits and problems will manifest according to the activities engaged in and the expectations involved.

Some Mercury Retrograde periods are, generally, stronger than others, and some are stronger or weaker, for the individual.

In all cases, no matter the the surrounding circumstances, it is a time to prepare, gather information, and plan.  

The Difficulties:

It is not a good time to buy mechanical devices.  Computers to can openers.  They will either not work, not work as expected, not actually be needed, or become obsolete quickly.

Do not make commitments, verbal and especially legal.  New information will be forth-coming that will make the commitments invalid or not work as expected.

Changes in plans, meeting postponed, other being late, you being late, miscommunications, misspelling or decimal points in the wrong place, will happen more often than usual.  Take your time and triple check everything, however, be aware that others may not and be flexible.

Test taking, evaluations of any kind, and the application of subjects that require precision measurements can become problematic.

In these cases:

Do not plan for specific activities to work out as planed.  Murphy's law will be in full force. 

Keep in mind;  While the delays and problems cited above, occur all the time, no matter the planets, will happen with more frequency.

 There are many activities that are favored:

1. Research, study, gathering information, while always good, will yield better results now.  

2. Brain storming and open-ended discussions.

3. Meditation in all of its forms.

4. Vacations, getting away from it all, and exploring unusual and unfamiliar territory is good but only if there are no schedules or deadlines.

5. Doing something artistic, imaginative, or relaxing.  Something that does not require the mind to work in a logical or linear manner.

Upcoming Mercury Retrograde time periods:

the dates are universal. The week before can also be affected.


January 14th - February 4th

May 10th - June 2nd

September 10th - October 2nd

December 29th - January 19th 2023


December 29th 2022 - January 19th 2023

April 21st - May 15th

August 23rd - September 15th

December 12th - January 2nd 2024


April 2nd - April 25th

August 4th - August 28th

November 25th - December 25th