About the Astrologer

    I began a serious study of Astrology at the age of sixteen, and have devoted my entire professional life, (thirty-six plus years), exclusively to the study and practice of Astrology.  I had my chart read at that time, reluctantly, and the astrologer, Mrs. Vivian Butler, said some things to me that she could not have known. My thought was:  "If astrology works, at any level, then there is something very important going on here."  The scientific, religious, philosophical, and spiritual implications are fascinating and profound.

    I received my accreditation in Astrology from The American Federation of Astrologers in 1982.  At that time, I was the youngest person to pass their eight hour test.  This testing required that all mathematical chart calculations be done by hand, not by calculator or computer.  "The American Federation of Astrologers" is one of the most respected organizations in the world for the accreditation of astrologers.

    I also teach classes, give lectures, conduct workshops and seminars, and have been invited to speak at several national conferences given by various Astrological Organizations and Groups.  

    I have written many articles in various national and local periodicals.  I have been a guest speaker and lecturer for numerous cruise lines and have been a featured guest and "on-air" personality for many radio and television programs all over the country, and have hosted my own weekly radio talk show called "Alternate Perspectives", in Wichita, KS, for two years.

    I taught a four week class, Christianity and Astrology, straight out of the Bible, at four different churches in Wichita Kansas.  This class is still available but being in rural NC, that is not likely at all.

    I have over thirty-six years of experience as a full-time professional astrologer, and have garnered a faithful world-wide clientele.  Over the years, the information, counsel, and advice that I have given my clients, has proven an invaluable tool to them, and had advanced my interpretations.

    All texts and all of the interpretations and advice given are original and authored by me.  One of the key factors that I can attribute the accuracy of my interpretations to, and is a major part of my Readings, is the 'Follow-Up': During the year following the reading, you are invited and encouraged to call me with any follow-up questions that you may have, and to let me know how things are proceeding.  This is part of the reading.  This method has helped me to hone my interpretations and accuracy over the past 42 plus years.

    Also, on a more personal note: Living at my Pluto line for 50 years, in Wichita Kansas, has given me an excruciatingly close look at, and great personal experience with, issues of life and death, physical mortality, psychological crises, and family dysfunction.  These kinds of things occurred frequently beginning at age 4.  I have been 'around those blocks' many, many times.  Now here in NC at my Sun and Venus lines, the difference has been dramatic and positive in the extreme.

    I approach astrology in a very scientific way: Planet A, in Sign B, Equals Effect C.  I pride myself on a practical and down-to-earth philosophy.  It is a psychological approach that will help you to see the basic motivating forces in life, and in yourself.  My approach to Astrology is scientific and is results oriented.  I believe you will find my interpretations unique and very helpful.
    When I was sixteen years old, I reluctantly had my chart read.  Reluctantly, because I did not believe in such superstitious nonsense.  I approached it as a skeptic would.  I was very, very surprised at what it revealed.  From that moment on, I knew what I wanted to do.  After all, if there really is something to this, the implications for the scientific and religious worlds are profound.  That is what I found to be most interesting.  I made the choice forty-two years ago to forgo a traditional education and socially accepted career path, to immerse myself in the scientific and practical application of astrological principles.

    Doing Astrology part-time was unacceptable.  My thinking was:  "Who would want advice from, or go to a part-time doctor, surgeon, or therapist?".  And make no mistake, there is so much to the study and practice of real Astrology that it does require a full-time commitment to truly develop proper interpretation techniques.  It is intellectually and temporally demanding.  This is why there are not many full-time astrologers.  My approach to any new field of interest is always that of the skeptic.  Since I have exacting and direct validation through my experience with the science of Astrology, I'm no longer skeptical in this area.  I thoroughly enjoy my hands-on, real-world, outcome-based application of this science.